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Kickstarters of the Week 29 June

Personally I don’t see that there is a great deal to offer on Kickstarter this week at all, this may be due to the fact that several big releases including Death May Die by CMON, are due to be released in the next few weeks and people don’t want to be live when they are […]

Gloomhaven Australia

5 Reasons not to buy Gloomhaven

You like to play varied games – If you buy Gloomhaven, it will end up taking all of your time gaming. So you bought a new copy of Azul, or are awaiting some new arrivals from Kickstarter? Don’t bother, they aren’t going to get played any time soon. Gloomhaven is a real time hog, but […]

istanbul review

Istanbul Review

Designer: Rudiger Dorn Players: 2-5 Time: 40-60 Mins Age: 10+ From the Publisher: The bazaar district is one of the main attractions of Istanbul . In the game of the same name, players wander across the market as buyers and make as profitable a business as possible. Assisted by their assistants, they use various locations in the area to […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the Week 22 June

Well, hold on to your pants kids, it’s about to get crazy in here…What the hell happened on Kickstarter this week? It’s like everyone made a decision to get everything out before the end of June. This week there is a ton of stuff for us to talk about, so without further ado, we should […]

Interview with Shem Phillips – Garphill Games

In shining a spotlight on some of the people of the industry this week I got to interview the designer of one of my favourite games – Shem Phillips of Garphill Games, the designer of my favourite Raiders of the North Sea. Shem is also the designer of the rest of the North Sea trilogy […]

Raiders of the North Sea Solo

Raiders of the North Sea Solo

We have recently reviewed Raiders of the North Sea and loved it, it is such a great game of pillage and plunder made by Garphill Games – this is just a quick note to say that there is currently a pre-order for a Raiders of the North Sea Solo variant which should be shipping at the […]

Interview with Jamie Noble Frier

Over the next few months I am aiming to have conversations with varying artists, designers and personalities in the board and tabletop game industry to help to put some context around the people who make it the place that it is. This week I had a chat to Jamie Noble Frier of The Noble Artist and […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the Week 15 June

It has been a massive week for tabletop Kickstarters this week, so I have attempted to do a bit of a round up, but I am sure that I have probably missed a few! Feel free to correct us in comments about what you feel should have made it on to this weeks list! Queen […]

King of Tokyo review Australia

King Of Tokyo review

Kaiju have always held a special place in my heart since seeing a film in the early 80’s about a monster that took people from their beds and ate them. That special place in my heart was mostly being mortally terrified but not now that King Of Tokyo has found it’s way in. Now I […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the Week June 8

Competition has been fierce this year for Kickstarters of the week, but it seems that it has slowed down a little this week. This isn’t to say that there isn’t quality on the market, as you can see below: Red Alert – Space Fleet Warfare – designed by Richard Borg (Command and Colors, Memoir ’44, […]