Kickstarters of the Week

Again, so many games hit Kickstarter on a weekly basis that it is hard to cut it down to just a few, so we have made our best efforts to whittle down the best of and most interesting projects.

Imaginarium – This is the new game from Bruno Cathala (and Florian Sirieix) which has also hit the selves in some places in Europe.  Imaginarium is a strategy/development game with a steampunk type theme, the looks and art alone are very cool and combine that with a game of the year winner in Cathala it seems to be a winner.

OrcQuest Warpath – Orcs seem to be a bit of a theme at the moment, and this one seems to be the best one on Kickstarter at the moment, a co-op dungeon crawler with a less than 1 hour playtime, what’s not to like?

Posthuman Saga – The art alone could sell this one, in addition to the fact that it is a game with miniatures that clocks in at under $100. This is a strategic survival game in a post apocalyptic world that has immersive story telling  combined with euro-style gameplay. I will be going in on this one.

Cameron B Author

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