how to avoid a kickstarter scam

How to avoid a Kickstarter Scam

In the last few weeks there have been some issues noted with Kickstarter and scams on the website, especially with the Overturn: Rising Sands saga. In seeing this, we wanted to look at some of the ways in which you can avoid a Kickstarter that is unlikely to fulfil, poorly thought out, or just a […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Trouble afoot on Kickstarter..

Kickstarter is a fantastic avenue for the sharing of new ideas and the creation of new board games. From small indy publishers all the way through to big publishers like CMON, Kickstarter seems to be the way to get a game out at the moment. Some of the biggest successes of the past few years […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the Week 13 July

Well there was a lot more excitement on Kickstarter this week than there was last. Rurik: Dawn of Kiev – In the words of Missy Elliot, if CMON went big with their prices, Piecekeeper Games put their thing down flipped it and reversed it. They have released a great looking miniatures game that is less than […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarter of the Week 6 July

Ooof.. What a week it has been in the world of Kickstarter..I really think we are starting to hit peak Kickstarter, the point where the well has run dry and that legitimate ventures will have to find another way to get their games published. Honestly, a lot of campaigns are starting to look like scams […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the Week 29 June

Personally I don’t see that there is a great deal to offer on Kickstarter this week at all, this may be due to the fact that several big releases including Death May Die by CMON, are due to be released in the next few weeks and people don’t want to be live when they are […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the Week 22 June

Well, hold on to your pants kids, it’s about to get crazy in here…What the hell happened on Kickstarter this week? It’s like everyone made a decision to get everything out before the end of June. This week there is a ton of stuff for us to talk about, so without further ado, we should […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the Week 15 June

It has been a massive week for tabletop Kickstarters this week, so I have attempted to do a bit of a round up, but I am sure that I have probably missed a few! Feel free to correct us in comments about what you feel should have made it on to this weeks list! Queen […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the Week June 8

Competition has been fierce this year for Kickstarters of the week, but it seems that it has slowed down a little this week. This isn’t to say that there isn’t quality on the market, as you can see below: Red Alert – Space Fleet Warfare – designed by Richard Borg (Command and Colors, Memoir ’44, […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the week 2 June

So the time rolls around again to choose the best Kickstarters that have been released this week. Of course there is a ton on offer, but only the best will do! Heroes of Land, Air and Sea – This was massive when it first hit the market and has had a lot of hype when it […]

best boardgame kickstarters

Kickstarters of the week 25 May

This week there are over 15,000 tabletop game Kickstarters live on the site, and this number grew even while writing this short article.  Here are our picks of the week: 1347: The Black Plague  – a bidding game that sees you trying to manage the outbreak of the Black Plague. A different theme is what […]