Best of Kickstarter this week

Here are our choices of the week in Kickstarter, but with so much to choose, it is hard to narrow it down to just a few!

Black Rose Wars – is a tactical fighting game with miniatures that was funded in 10 minutes – it is currently at 898% of it’s goal and is well worth checking out. People are comparing this one to the hype of the most recent Zombicide Invaders campaign. As of writing there are 11 days left in the campaign.

Court of the Dead – this competitive/coop game is getting lots of attention at the moment, and now has plenty of premium stretch goals added to the base game. Great looking miniatures, be sure to check it out.

Lincoln – from Martin Wallace, the designer of Brass, Steam and Gettysburg, comes a new 2 player strategic card based war game. If this is anything like Wallace’s other work it will be well worth checking out. Currently has been funded so will go to production.


Cameron B Author

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