Kickstarter of the week 27th July

Back again with Kickstarters of the week after a week off and there is some great stuff out there at the moment, but after the last few weeks of ‘bigger is better’ and the problem with Kickstarter and scams, I decided that we would take a bit of a different approach to this. What we will look at is game play over looks, as well as taking into consideration the issues that have been inherent in the last few months of KS. So we will make sure that we only recommend high quality content and that which seems to have been strongly play tested and revised.

Unfortunately, if we are recommending several games in a week, that means that we lose focus and can skip over some of the important details of each game, so we are going to aim at providing a single recommendation per week from now on, that we have knowledge of, know a bit about the creators and know that the resulting quality of the project will be high.

So without further ado, our Kickstarter of the Week is:

The Fantasy Trip – released and re-developed by Steve Jackson Games this is one of the original RPGs from the late 1970s. Steve has aimed to make roleplaying fun by ensuring that character development was easy and that game play was simple and tactical. The base package comes with several books and mini-games and you can even buy a PDF version. I have it under good authority that Steve himself has been throwing himself into this project and as such it should be fantastic.

Role playing games, after popular culture attention like Stranger Things, are due their moment in the sun again. The board game golden age should definitely help this as well, as we see more and more people coming to this hobby from different backgrounds and using the hobby as a great way to engage with family and friends. The Fantasy Trip is a great starting point to this for the new player, as it is made in the classic style and with an easy and intuitive system to work with.


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