Kickstarters of the week 2 June

So the time rolls around again to choose the best Kickstarters that have been released this week. Of course there is a ton on offer, but only the best will do!

Heroes of Land, Air and Sea – This was massive when it first hit the market and has had a lot of hype when it hit KS again this week. There is an extra expansion (Pestilence), plus the ability to purchase the base game. To purchase everything you will be looking at around $220 (although postage is only about $40 for that much product – almost worth it just for that). This game has rave reviews, so be sure to check out their campaign and see if it has what you want.

Infected: The Carrier – this dark social deduction game looks incredible, especially from the art. This expansion adds on to Infected with several different characters which change the mechanics of the game to make it somewhat more challenging by the looks of it.

Vast – The Mysterious Manor – The follow up to Vast: The Crystal Caverns looks just as good as it’s predecessor. Given the popularity of the original, this new stand alone game is definitely worth a good look.

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