Little Plastic Train Kickstarter

The Little Plastic Train Company has released their Kickstarter for, well, Little Plastic Trains.The trains are ABS plastic and come in a tiny tin, ready for transport or safe keeping. The team at Little Plastic Train company sent me some of their Mercury set (the trains with a completed copy) and I have to say that they are awesome. Don’t be a peasant and choose between yellow, green or red trains in Ticket to Ride, pull our your tin and slam it on the table “I’ll be playing Mercury, nerds” you say as you destroy the family by building not only your longest route but theirs as well*

As you can see from the picture below the attention to detail is phenomenal with the team able to get details down to 0.2mm. But..the biggest selling point for me is that the tins are made just right so that they will fit in a standard size insert for Ticket to Ride!

If you are serious about your train games whether it be Ticket to Ride, Irish Gauge or 18xx, you definitely owe it to yourself to check these out. Also, if you have an 18xx lover in your life who is hard to buy for, then this is the Kickstarter for you, what else can you buy them? A spreadsheet?

Do yourself a favour and check out The Dragon’s Tomb review on the trains!

*Little Plastic Train Company makes no promises about improving gaming outcomes.


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