Free boardgames online!

The global pandemic has been pretty rough on us here in Australia and overseas. With the rising cost of freight and logistics I thought that I would put together a bunch of places where you can play boardgames online for free.

This is a living document, so I will update it as I find more!

Game Platforms

Boardgame Arena – is probably one of the most used of the platforms for playing games. There are games that are ‘Premium’ however you can still play them if a paid subscriber starts the game.

Tabletop Simulator – this is a paid Steam app which has a bunch of games available. Maybe it is just me, but I find the usability lacking and have avoided it myself.

Tabletopia – This one is a little bit of a mix between Tabletop Simulator and Boardgame Arena. Can be a little frustrating when the game doesn’t have rules built in and you find yourself stumbling through moves/scoring.

Yucata – heaps of Euro style games on here as well as a few others. I haven’t really used this one but it looks to have some games that you can’t find anywhere else.

Single Games

Android Netrunner – A ‘dead’ LCG which is anything but dead online.

Dominion – the classic deckbuilder is here for you to play.

Go – Easy to master, hard to learn, or the other way? You can play Go here for free, as well as learn how to play.

Keyforge – the every-deck-is-unique duelling game is here for you to play!


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