Review Independence

An issue with a lot of reviewers (boardgames or otherwise) is determining what the reviewers affiliations are. Should I purchase based on the opinion of a reviewer, or are they linked with the company? I know that I have come across a few glowing reviews myself only to find that they were written by someone who was paid to produce content. 

My Pledge

I want board gaming to be an inclusive hobby, but also a hobby that you don’t have to unnecssarily have to waste money on. I will provide reviews of games from a independent point of view, regardless of how I receive a game. I will ensure that I will note my thoughts, but also the situations when I think a game may work for you, or alternative games that may work better.

At the commencement of each review I will declare where the game came from and how many times I have played the game in order to form my judgement. 

Independence Rating

The independence rating for this site is a very simple metric, it balances the total number of reviews against the number of copies that have been provided by publishers, developers or game creators. At a glance this allows you to see that the majority of the games that I play are either payed for from my own pocket or played through a gaming group. At the time of writing, 77 percent of the games that I have reviewed for Next Player are games that I have purchased myself. 

Affiliate Links

I have Affiliate links for Mighty Ape, OzGameshop and Amazon. When you click these links and purchase I receive a small amount of commission based on your click. Readers are under no obligation to click these links and you may clear your browser cookies if you do not wish for a Affliate fee to be sent to the site. Affiliate fees are minimal and assist in simply paying for yearly hosting for the site.