Kickstarter in review – 2019 Week 46

This week there are a few Kickstarters that captivate me and that I am really looking forward to seeing more of: 

DVG Collection 

I love solo games and have been keeping an eye out for something that will scratch the war game itch for me. Sure there are the GMT Games, but they tend to be quite involved. Warfighter by Dan Verssen Games is that one has been recommended to me on numerous occassions. While I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, the word that I have received is that DVG games are quite accessible and solo-able. This current Kickstarter includes options to buy Thunderbolt Apache Leader, Fleet Commander: Nimitz and Tiger Leader as well as their expansions. 

If you are looking for a wargame, the choice of these would be Thunderbolt, and I would recommend this Kickstarter, as the games are often quite hard to get here in Australia. 

Stronghold: Undead

I love the work that Ignacy Trzewiczek puts out, especially Robinson Crusoe, so Stronghold: Undead definitely has caught my eye. A 2 player game where one player is defending a castle and the other is attacking. Through the use of a Necromancer the attacker can raise the dead to attack the castle, while the defender must ensure that the walls do not fall. Check out the video and campaign as I believe that this one can very easily surpass the original Stronghold. 


This one doesn’t follow the general rule of the games I like, but I love Tokaido, so this is a big tick for me. Tokaido is such a beautiful game that feels relaxing to play, and for that reason it stays in my collection. It’s also a low conflict game that can very easily be pulled out for new players. As a result, I love the idea of Namiji, which may even be better looking that Tokaido. Namiji comes as a Collector set immediately, so there will be beautiful components aplenty. Like Tokaido, I think this will definitely be a feature piece for a lot of collections. 

What are you favourite Kickstarters of the week and what are you backing? 

Cameron B Author

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