Kickstarter in review – 2020 Week 3

What a week it is on Kickstarter! 

There are a few great projects that have hit the site this week and, I dare say, will be pretty highly ranking when they are released whether it’s this year or next. 

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile: Cole Wehrle has to be one of the hot designers at the moment. Unfortunately, my copy of Root sits unplayed on my shelf of shame, but that will change soon. I am a massive fan of Pax Pamir 2e and look out for whatever Cole does. Oath seems to be a bit of a legacy-esque game (although it says it’s not) where you 1-6 players will populate the land, recruit warbands and discover secrets. 

Price is steep, but you get plenty in the box. Around $130 Australian and will fulfill early 2021. 

Return to Dark Tower: This one looks beautiful, however I am a little put off by a few things. Number one is the nostalgia component. Restoration aim to re-release and re-build old games, however I am not sure that they have hit the mark just yet. The problem with nostalgia is that it tends to not allow objective criticsims and that people will attach out of emotion. The second issue is that like Fireball Island, this seems to be packed full of value adds that added to the price, but not too much to the game. 

Price is around $180 Australia plus postage and will fulfill early 2021. 

Foundations of Rome: Coming from Arcane Wonders and Emerson Matsuuchi this is a massive box game that looks incredible. It has already made the cut for Dice Tower Essentials and seems to be generating some good buzz. This is a city building game and comes with what look like incredibly detailed city miniatures. Besides videos there is very little on the KS page about actual gameplay. 

The price is around $140 and will fulfill early 2021. 

What are some games that you are liking the look of at the moment of Kickstarter? 


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