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There is plenty of competition out there at the moment, but it does have to come down to a single game for the week and this week it goes to a company who I love and who has consistently released awesome content.

Paladins of the West Kingdom Kickstarter

Paladins of the West Kingdom – The next in the West Kingdom series by Garphill Games and Shem Phillips gets my vote as I love anything put out by this team. From the art style of The Mico through to the unique player interaction and mechanics, this is a must back for me.

Much like the most recent Architects of the West Kingdom, the current offering also has some great worker placement action but takes a significant step up in terms of complexity. From watching some previews and looking at the Kickstarter, this is definitely far heavier than the previous Garphill games, which is great as the variance in the offerings is what keep people coming back to this brand in addition to their supreme playability.

Much like Raiders and Architects, Paladins will also boast a solo mode which is always a good thing especially when you want the experience, but without having to get a game group together.

As mentioned, I’m a big fan of Garphill Games, and especially Raiders of the North Sea and also a big fan of Euro type games, with Orleans probably topping that list. For me, Paladins seems to combine the Garphill aesthetic and design with Orleans, adding in other more complex mechanism, so I am looking forward to the fulfillment and release of this one!

Make sure to check out the Kickstarter here and also to check out Garphill Games and their store for their other offerings.

Until next week (or next time I get around to it)!

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