Kickstarter of the Week 6 July


What a week it has been in the world of Kickstarter..I really think we are starting to hit peak Kickstarter, the point where the well has run dry and that legitimate ventures will have to find another way to get their games published. Honestly, a lot of campaigns are starting to look like scams or completely underdeveloped rubbish. Kickstarter is able to take it’s cut from all fully funded campaigns and as a result they don’t really care what the campaign looks like, but given that someone has to scroll for several pages to actually find a seemingly well thought out campaign, this will have to change some time soon…maybe.

Anyway, there is one legitimately good project out there this week and that goes to Snowdonia – It’s a train game that gets plenty of love and it is back in it’s deluxe form. This issue of Snowdonia has all of the expansions from the original and as a result offers great value for money. Lots of talk on forums that this probably won’t hit retail, so if you want to pick it up Kickstarter is probably the place to go!

The other thing that is also out at the moment is the late pledging for 7th Continent – Serious Poulp the makers of the game have indicated that it will probably never get to retail given the cost of production so this will also probably be your last chance at getting your hands on this game.

That’s it for this week, with a new CMON release next week, I dare say that we are in for a bit more excitement – stay tuned!


Cameron B Author


    Jon Ruland

    (11/07/2018 - 10:19 am)

    I have noticed there appears to be a lot of clutter on kickstarter these days.


      (12/07/2018 - 12:13 pm)

      Unfortunately I agree, too many people trying to make a quick buck without any graphic design, art or play testing. It doesn’t help that Kickstarter allows pretty much any project. Sort by ‘New’ on any given day and you end up with 100 different projects that are ‘revolutionary’ and mostly made by people who have never experienced modern gaming.

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