Kickstarter Week 7 2020

So I don’t release these posts every week, but definitely when there is something good going on, which means this week!

Wonderland’s War by Druid City – This one looks really cool, like a mix between bag builders like Quacks and more strategy based games. Alice in Wonderland has never been a draw for me, but this darker take looks great and the game is getting some great buzz already from the industry.

Standard Retail edition you are looking at around $75 and with the Deluxe version plus chips around $175 plus postage.

Kanban EV by Eagle Gryphon – I am a big fan of Lacerda especially Vinhos and Kanban, so this one definitely has my attention. Now there isn’t a massive amount of rules changes from Kanban, however Kanban EV brings a massive change to graphic design and art, along with a solo mode by David Turczi and extra expansions.

Eagle Gryphon Kickstarters also offer the opportunity to grab a few exclusives and their previous Lacerda games at a slight discount when you order through their Kickstarters, so if there is anything that you have missed or want to grab this is a great opportunity.

Kanban EV is currently around $148 for the base game (not including postage) and should be fulfilling towards the end of the year.

Gorinto by Grand Gamer’s Guild – This looks like a great, chilled out strategy game in the same vein as Azul. Players are aiming to meet the public and private goal cards by removing tiles from a board all which follow slightly different criteria. Great looking theme, simple mechanics and looks like it could easily get to the table making it a great anytime game.

Looking at between $53-$70 (depending on Retail or Deluxe) plus postage for Gorinto.

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