Kickstarters of the Week 13 July

Well there was a lot more excitement on Kickstarter this week than there was last.

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev – In the words of Missy Elliot, if CMON went big with their prices, Piecekeeper Games put their thing down flipped it and reversed it. They have released a great looking miniatures game that is less than $100AUD which introduces a new mechanic! Nope, they haven’t just decided to whack a theme on something and call it new, they have created something real. The new mechanic, auction programming, looks interesting but the game also brings in area control and resource management. I strongly recommend this one as it looks like a great and unique gaming experience and that’s why I have named it the Kickstarter of the Week over and above the others on this list.

Oh and did I mention it can be played solo?

Cthulu: Death May Die – What a campaign this one ended up being. There has been a lot of controversy about the ‘Early Backer’ reward which went up by $5 for every 200ish backers. Stopping at $250 for base game and the monster Cthulhu statue seemed OK until backers realised that their order would be fulfilled around 2020. The base game will ship mid next year, but the big guy will be sent out in waves and as something that has been promised as the Epic Finale to the game, this may cause some issues…

Regardless of all of this, the game looks great and the sculpts for the monsters, in particular, are incredible. Looking forward to some more game play videos to see how this one plays and what it is going to look like on the table.

Jetpack Joyride – An IP that I didn’t think would be really all that interesting has drawn me in! Described as a real time puzzle game, this looks like a bunch of fun, where you play pentominos down to try to make your way out of a lab.



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