Kickstarters of the Week 15 June

It has been a massive week for tabletop Kickstarters this week, so I have attempted to do a bit of a round up, but I am sure that I have probably missed a few! Feel free to correct us in comments about what you feel should have made it on to this weeks list!

Queen Games are re-releasing a few Stefan Feld classics – Amerigo and Merlin, for reprints on Kickstarter. Amerigo, in particular, is quite highly rated and is currently sitting at around #260 on BGG. To get just Amerigo, plus some bonuses, it will be around $70. The 2013 version is still available in Australia, however is out of print and won’t come with the bonuses.¬† Further, because this is being made by a publisher, the expected release time in November of this year.

Solomon Kane has been hovering on The Hotness on BGG for a few weeks now, and the time has come for the release. This game looks incredible, from the art to the sculpting of the pieces. It is also testament to the fact that high quality games are now costing more and more as hobbyist delve further in. Unlike the Zombicide effect, though, the developers haven’t gone for oodles of add-ons – so the around $185 (with postage) won’t blow out with a Pledge Manager that means adding on another couple of hundred dollars. I really like this one for the dark theme and the incredible sculpts in particular.

From the designer Jeff Beck of Hardback comes a 2-player game Getaway Driver – with art from Ryan Goldsberry (Burgle Bros) this competitive asymmetric game has you playing the role of Police or ‘The Driver’ who will pulls stunts to get away. A unique mechanic in this game means that the things on your table (the edge of the table, a water glass) all form part of the obstacles in the game itself. This game has already well met it’s target but with a $35 price tag for Australians, this should well and truly go above and beyond that. Another great thing is that you can pick up the PnP for around $4.

Gorus Maximus gets the nod this week as well for taking  a simple trick taking mechanic and turning it up to 11 through art and theme. Not to mentioned that this will get to you, posted for a little less than $30 (or $3 PnP). The art is by acclaimed illustrator Kwanchai Moriya of Dinosaur Island fame, and straddles the line between cartoon and hardcore gore. This little game looks super fun and looking forward to more of what this company puts out.

Special mention this week to Solar City, brought out by The Games Factory who also publish big hits like Dominion and Roll for the Galaxy.



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