Kickstarters of the Week 22 June

Well, hold on to your pants kids, it’s about to get crazy in here…What the hell happened on Kickstarter this week? It’s like everyone made a decision to get everything out before the end of June. This week there is a ton of stuff for us to talk about, so without further ado, we should probably get on it!

Raccoon Tycoon – from the art to the game play this game looks pleasant in the best way possible. The art is the real stand out, but not far behind that is the fact that this is a comprehensive campaign. The team at Forbidden Games have ensured that there are plenty of previews and playthroughs on the campaign straight away, which means it is far easier to make a decision on it. This game is an economic/resource building game with a great theme to it and I would highly recommend it from what I have seen.

Tang Garden –  The Zen and calmness of both Tang Garden and Raccoon Tycoon is what really draws me to both of them this week, although they are super different games. Tang Garden is a tile placement/Euro game with a great Chinese inspired art and theming. A ton of stretch goals have already been unlocked, so the base game will come with a bunch of extra tiles and miniatures. Lots of chatter online about this one, I am looking forward to hopefully being able to lay my hands on a copy.

Overturn: Rising Sands – this looks incredible, and it has CROCODILE MINIATURES! The game itself is tactical, turn based with semi co-op play. Now I have put it on the list for it’s production value and it’s looks, however it really is a matter of time whether it lives up to this hype. This Kickstarter has a very strong ‘Zombicide’ feel to it, in both game and in the campaign itself – there are tons of add-ons and extras. Will quantity also equal quality when it gets to tables? Unfortunately, there is only one preview up at the moment, I hope that we see more about how this game plays before too long.

UPDATE: Please consider dropping your pledge for Overturn – there have been numerous issues with this campaign. There are major issues with copy pasting rule books and company info, the company are not who they say they are and all miniatures are in CGI render form (ie there is no actual product).

Special mention: So Long, My World – The world is coming to an end and soon you will lose your life, how will you spend the last few hours? So Long, My World is a simultaneous action strategy card game with a unique theme.


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