Kickstarters of the week 25 May

This week there are over 15,000 tabletop game Kickstarters live on the site, and this number grew even while writing this short article.  Here are our picks of the week:

1347: The Black Plague  – a bidding game that sees you trying to manage the outbreak of the Black Plague. A different theme is what helps this one make the list this week, in addition to it being relatively affordable (it’s the postage that kills us here in Australia – doubling the cost of the basic game).

Herbaceous Sprouts – Dice manipulation and set collection game that is described as ‘good to unwind’ and we all need a little more relaxation in our lives, right? Not to mention the awesome art of Beth Sobel – the artist behind Viticulture and Between Two Cities, this looks like not just a great play, but also a great looking game.

5 Minute Dungeon – Curses! Foiled Again! – An expansion to a cooperative game that can be played in 5 minutes, how much more can you add you wonder? Well, this one looks great, plus it has the added benefit of now being able to play up to 6 players.  The base game is low weight, and as a result this game (and the current expansion) make a great addition for an awesome filler/starter game.

Cameron B Author

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