Kickstarters of the Week 29 June

Personally I don’t see that there is a great deal to offer on Kickstarter this week at all, this may be due to the fact that several big releases including Death May Die by CMON, are due to be released in the next few weeks and people don’t want to be live when they are for fear of losing pledges, I dunno. Either way this week looks like it is full of games that have been pumped out quickly or are from people who have said ‘Woah, I know how to make a ton of money – do a board game Kickstarter” Whatever the case, there are a few gems this week.

The Binding of Isaac – I’m actually torn on this, and now that I write it the game seems to be a pretty generic dungeon crawl card game, but it has a strong IP and appeals to a video game audience. As a result, I think a lot of the success of this game is due to it’s characters rather than the strength of it’s game play.

Wreck Raiders – Family games aren’t something that we see often on Kickstarter, so Wreck Raiders is a good change. The game has a great look and theme to it (discovering treasure in sunken wrecks) and combines a number of mechanics, from worker placement, dice drafting and set collection – for less than $60 shipped it really is a great looking buy.

Unfortunately that is it for this week, there are really slim pickings. Check in next week and we may be able to offer some more insight into the best board games on Kickstarter for the week.

Cameron B Author

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