Kickstarters of the Week June 8

Competition has been fierce this year for Kickstarters of the week, but it seems that it has slowed down a little this week. This isn’t to say that there isn’t quality on the market, as you can see below:

Red Alert – Space Fleet Warfare – designed by Richard Borg (Command and Colors, Memoir ’44, Battlelore), this game hit it’s goal within  the day of release. The game is a space warfare (hence the name) game based on the Command and Colours combat system. The only criticism that I have of this game is it’s price. To get the base game you are looking at $158 AUD plus shipping.

Neta – Tanka – a worker placement and resource management game with a Native American theme. Each player is vying for their place as the next leader of their tribe. Funded in 24 minutes on Kickstarter and 1-4 players, this seems like it will appeal to a lot of people. Only around $70 plus postage to here in Australia.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5 – Well, I complained about the cost of Red Alert a minute ago and here we are with Mythic Battles…it will cost you around the same as Red Alert at $158 for the base game, but if you want to go all in, it will $700+ for all expansions etc. I love the miniatures for this game, although not so sure about the game play – there is a big discrepancy on BGG between the weighted ranking of 6.9 and the community ranking in the 8’s. Not sure how this will translate to playing, but gosh is it pretty.

Special mention – Until the Bitter End – a simple 1-2 player combat game based on WWII that is print and play only – at $7 this has already reached it target (several times over) and I can see it earning even more. Proof that games don’t need to be massively in-depth and immersive for players to seek them out.

Anything else that you are particularly interested in this week?



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