Best Games of 2014

This week we are looking at the best board games from 2014 and there, as always, are some great entries to the game library from this year.

orleans board game australia

Orleans – Orleans is one of those Euros with old school art that isn’t much to look at, but this game is just so good. It is a bag building game set in Orleans, France, where your goal is to build the best supply of goods. For me, this is one of those Euros that play exceptionally well, whether it be at 2 or 4 players and is great to teach Euros. Despite being rated at a 3.1/5 for weight I have always found Orleans to be pretty self explanatory in terms of what you can do on each turn. As the years go by, I can’t see Orleans dropping out of the Top 100 any time soon.

Splendor – a game of chip collection and card drafting which has apparently been taken over by the Century series.  I actually disagree with this and find that Splendor is a far better game and has a great deal more of fun in it (and those chips!). The Century series, to me, can be a bit of a drag with more players but Splendor has never felt like that to me.

Dead Of Winter – While this has probably been overtaken by Dead of Winter: The Long Night, it is one of those games that can so easily be played with new and old players alike. With a cooperative, but also betrayal element, Dead of Winter has awesome player interaction and the ability to play as a team while also trying to meet your own goals. Also being released in 2014 it got in before the Zombie theme got a bit tired and overdone…

Star Wars: Imperial Assault – What else can be said about this game? It’s a Star Wars dungeon crawler with miniatures. If this was released on Kickstarter today, FFG would be able to build their own Death Star with the proceeds. 

Best Art of 2014 

This has to go to Abyss – the realism of these unreal creatures by Xavier Collette is what draws a lot of people to the game, especially that box art! 


What have we missed? Are there any other games that would make your list for 2014 over the ones that we have covered so far? 

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