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Strange to think that 2011 was already 7 years ago, especially with some of the games on this list that are now must have for the modern board game scene. So without further ado, here is the list of our best games from 2011.

Castles of Burgundy – can this Stefan Feld game be overlooked when it comes to talking about great games? I don’t think so. Now the board may be a bit drab and artwork definitely took a back seat, but mechanics definitely did not. This game not only makes it to the best of 2011 list, but very easily would make it to the Top 100 of all time for many reviewers, critics and players alike.

Takenoko – I love Takenoko for it’s simplicity and that it is so accessible to the younger set. It is also such a cool and calming game to play, there just seems to be a Zen like quality that comes over me when I play this game. Highly recommended.

King of Tokyo – what a great game this is, especially for introducing people into the hobby of modern board gaming. Is it just Yahtzee bu another name, maybe? Is it an awesome game of conflict and fun with monsters that can be played by the whole family, absolutely. The biggest sales point of this game is the fact that it is so accessible and quick to play and has a luck element, meaning that anyone in the family can win. It is also one of those rare games that, should you be knocked out, you will still sit and watch the drama unfold and find out who will really be the new King (it’s Space Penguin, by the way).

Mage Knight – Building a game on both RPG and deckbuilding concepts is a solid one,  add to that the fact that this game can be played just as well solo as it can with multiple players, this game is one of the best of all time, let alone 2011.

Special Solo mention – Friday has to be one of the best solo deck-builders of all time. Ask for recommendations on solo games and this challenging 1 player game by Friedemann Friese will always be somewhere on that list. Highly recommend this game, especially due to it’s relative costs efficiency for high replayability.

So, there is our list, what about you – what were your best games of 2011?

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