Best Podcasts for Boardgames

There are more and more podcasts out there every week seemingly on the topic of board, tabletop and role playing games, so we thought that we would round up some of our favourites:

Shut Up and Sit Down – Three guys who run the Shut Up and Sit Down website and have a passion from bringing games into popular culture. This is probably my favourite podcast of the lot as they cover not only the new releases, but will also cover older games in depth. Their Youtube channel is also fantastic and they constantly release high quality content. The 3 main hosts: Paul, Quinns and Matt have great chemistry and work brilliantly together to the point that I feel that I am among friends when I listen to them.

The Dice Tower – Hosted by Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer alternating with Mandy and Suzanne, the podcast will usually have a theme “Top 10 of ..” where each of the hosts will reveal their picks with a bit of a snippet on the game. Tom would also have to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the games industry and produces a ton of content on a weekly basis. The Dice Tower is truly a massive machine now, and Vasel at it’s head seems to be across it all.

The Secret Cabal Gaming podcast – Hosted by a group of guys who love to play games, make sure you set aside some time for this one. Usually a light-hearted chat about what is new and what they have been playing followed by a deep dive into a game of the week.

The Board Game Design Lab – This one is a bit different as it covers the principles of game design more so than the actual games. If you are a budding designer, or if you would just love to hear about the process of game design from some big names, this is definitely one to check out – relatively short run time too, so it never becomes dry or dull.



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