Best travel board games

best travel board games

Best Travel Board Games

Travel can be difficult, between the time in actual transit to sitting in airports or waiting areas there is a lot of lost time, especially for gaming. There is also limited space to play, so we are going to look at some of the best travel board games, those that can be played while on a plane or whilst a passenger. Let us know below what some of your favourite travel games are!

No space needed

Chess/Checkers – The good thing about these games is that that best travel board gamesthey are usually cheap and easy to come by. My pocket sized checkers set has been with me through countless trips, all the pieces fit inside and it can be played anywhere, from a lap on the train to the seat back on a plane. Sure not the most creative of solutions, but the accessibility really puts it on this list.

Magnets – Magnets are the best! I could just take a bunch of magnets to travel, but that may not impress security..BUT any travel game with magnets is great, they may not be as in depth as other modern games, but they allow you to interact with others and fill in time on the go. Most of the big manufacturers have these available from places like KMart – whether it be Scrabble or Connect 4 they are all good options. 

Cards – There are so many card games that you can play in transit, from Snap to 21 to Cribbage. They take up so little room as well, that they are almost a guarantee for gamers and non-gamers alike when travelling.

Needs some space

jaipur review australiaJaipur/Splendor – These are great games to be taking travelling. They have a small box to start with (remove inserts for more space) and can also be bagged up as well to make some more space. Great game play is also a massive selling point here, but the biggest is probably the fact that you can get through a game of each pretty quickly. Playing short games is so important, as the ability to focus and concentrate is often difficult on a plane or train, you want things that can give you some stimulation, without wearing you out altogether.

Hive (Amazon Link)- This is one that comes up on pretty much every ‘Best travel board games’ forum or list and for good reason, especially for the pocket version. The game is 2 – player, takes up minimal space and is a great quick, strategic game. The pocket version comes in it’s own pouch and takes up virtually no room at all, the only think that you will need is a flat playing surface.

Star Realms – This one is pretty great to throw into a bag for anything really. A great little deck-builder in the top 200 of BGG ratings that can be set up in a very small area. 

Tiny Epic Galaxies – Much like Star Realms, this is a small game that packs a lot of punch. It is also one of the games on this list that comes in a greater than 2 player count, so it is definitely appealing to travelling with a family. Two caveats though, there are tiny pieces that come with this game and the dice rolling may need to be dampened down in some way, especially if you are travelling in a plane or anywhere else that people are crushed together. 

So what about you, what are your favourite games to play while travelling? 



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