Fox in the Forest Review

A trick taking game for 2 players, really?

Yup – in another strong undertaking from Renegade and Foxtrot games, they have hit it out of the park with this game.  The game play is super simple,  one player places a card and the second player tries to beat that…or not. The trick of Fox in the Forest is making sure that you don’t want to get too few tricks, but also so that you don’t take too many tricks at the same time, therefore you are constantly second guessing what the other player is going to do with their turns. Is the other player goading you to be greedy and therefore end the round on 0 points, or do they legitimately not have any cards to play against you?

I found the game super easy to learn, taking place over several rounds where the object is to be the first player to 21 points through earning not too many and not too few tricks. The game is won and done within around 20 mins, so it is a great game to fill the time between games, or as a good game to get your head into more complex games. The deck is so small that you could very easily pack this in a pocket or a bag, especially good for travelling with.

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