Sushi Go! Review

Sushi Go! is a classic already and probably the initiation into modern board games for a lot of people. The box is compact and the rules are easy and accessible to the point that they can be taught in probably less than 5 minutes. The games comes with a deck of cutesy sushi cards and that’s it, no scoring pieces, no tokens. Much like Fox in the Forest this game could be very easily packed in a ziplock (it comes in a metal embossed tin) and taken on holidays or a long commute.

Sushi Go! is a set collection game that requires you to collect certain types of sushi in order to score points, the problem is though that you will have to contest with your fellow players to get the collection that you want. Depending on the number of players, each person is dealt a certain amount of cards to start off with. From this, they will select a card of their choosing and then pass their hand to the next player along. All players must then show their selected card, meaning that everyone, if they are paying attention, will have the ability to cut you off and cause you to miss out on certain cards when hands get to you.

As said earlier, this is a super simple game to teach and very light weight. It is fantastic for families with kids 5 and up and can provide great entertainment for gatherings of people, whether this is a formal gaming night, or just an added extra to a party. Be advised though, the game is super light and you will probably offend anyone who is trying to have a¬†serious¬†games night if you try to play this for any more than a round or two. That could be called a failing, that it doesn’t have great session replayability, but seriously would you want it to?

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