Zombie Kidz Evolution review

Zombie Kidz review

Zombie Kidz Evolution is the game that you want when you say “I want something that is fun, cool theme and that the kids will play”

Released by Scorpion Masque in 2018 and created by Annick Lobet, Zombie Kidz Evolution will have you fighting back hoards of zombies while you try to lock the school gates and keep from being overrun.

I have an issue with kids, sorry not with kids but with playing with kids. One of mine is a child, the other is a pre-teen so getting something that suits them both tends to be a bit of work. Five Tribes is booooring to one but something like Hive is a favourite of the younger one and a game that the older one will refuse. So what is something in the middle? Well, a game with the theme of Zombies taking over a school seems to be right up their alley.

The Game

On a board of just 9 spaces, your team will have to work out how to get rid of the zombies and then have two players arrive at the same entranceway to lock the gate. Easy, right?

Nope, not really at all. This game moves fast, with each player’s turn they will roll a die to determine where the next zombie will land on the colour coded map. Players can then move around the school, one space at a time. If there are 1-2 zombies in the room, you can send them back to the line and hope you can get it under control. If however there are 3 zombies in the room, you have just lost the ability to move into or through that room (Hot tip: Don’t let the centre room build too many of the zombies!).

The great thing about this game is that there is a legacy element which opens up new rules and other goodies as the game goes on. The (very small) changes really helps for the game to remain novel and fresh for the younger players and helps to shift around some difficulty as players get more experienced with the system.

Is it simple, sure. Will it provide strategic depth that you will describe as ‘crunchy’ and coin terms like ‘decision space’, eww no. But what it will provide is fun.

Zombie Kidz Evolution is by no means a deep or overly strategic game, but where it really shines is straddling that really fine line of making sure that the game is enjoyable for both kids and adults alike, but primarily as a family.

My Overall thoughts

If you have a passion for boardgames and a family that may be a little reluctant I would say that Zombie Kidz Evolution is a great starting point to introduce to the family. A short game time (20 mins maximum) and the ability to work together really sells this game and before you know it you can transition to other coop games like Gloomhaven (OK, maybe not..)

Scorpion Masque – if you are reading this my youngest has requested a Zombie Babiez game if at all possible.


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